Thursday, February 25, 2010

nathan matthews, rest in peace

the art/design/skateboarding community in vancouver is mourning the loss of a local artist who lost his battle with cancer.

i didn't think i knew him. in fact i was pretty sure i didn't. his name was familiar. but as i found myself reading more and finding pictures, i learned that this was the artist behind i had found out about him and seen his work, almost 8 years ago now and all of a sudden the information started to hit me like a tonne of bricks. furiously the blurry attempts to place a time when i had met him and talked to him started to flood in. i forget the place, time or date but this i remember:

i remember he was small and skinny as i approached him to tell him i really liked his work.
i remember sharing the same interest in the design is kinky website/blog.
i remember him asking me if i had a website, and i remember shyly replying, "i don't have one yet", i don't know what he said after,
but i remember they were encouraging words. and that was that.
i remember feeling really awesome after meeting him, commenting on how nice he was.

its so strange how memories like this, people we meet, can sit below the surface for so long and how i wish it was under different circumstances, i took this walk down memory lane to remember. what an incredible loss.

to everyone you may meet, or have met.. realize that under all the pile of memories we collect in our lives, we will remember... so be nice.

rest in peace nathan matthews.

rabbit dude lemmings...

Friday, November 20, 2009


beautiful typeface created by design student olga balina from russia.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


if you're a boy and you like looking good. this is a great blog to go for some inspiration to impress your dates and potential ex-wives. inventory is a magazine based out of vancouver and these guys definitely know style.

feeling the love?

love. i love it. i hate it. but mostly i love it. these super sweet prints are from theloveshop on etsy. you feeling the love? 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


gold. seriously when did gold take off like this? i know its been hot and all but i remember a time when women would deny jewelry in gold and swear to never wear it or like it... all i have to say is that this gold come-back is serious. gold flatware? looks good to me: brushed gold, elegant with sleek contemporary lines, i like it a lot. made in italy, by the design house MEPRA. truly glamourous.

i got these images from my daily read of and this bike is seriously off the chain, maybe over the top but seriously decadent... designed by arumania, known for a no-limit attitude for gold and the un-practical, this bike is 1 of 10 track bikes produced and is plated in 24k gold and adorned with swarovski crystals and at a mere 80,000 euros or (21,000 euros for the un-adorned version), you can get this hand delivered to you by a man in a tuxedo wearing white gloves.

Friday, November 6, 2009

packaging love

i totally geek out when it comes to beautiful packaging. i've been known to buy $10 bottles of evian and have never drank the water. i've brought beautifully designed cereal boxes on a 15 hour flight home as a souvenir for myself. i've done some extreme things in the name of packaging love so as you can imagine trips across the border will find me at the the usual stops: the whole foods, the local co-op and other beautiful grocery stores like the metropolitan market in seattle. what's more about these grocery stores in the states is that they sell alcohol as well and i will tell you flat out, i have bought many many many bottles of wine without having any idea what it would taste like. so this amazingly packaged beer from portland brewery full sail, was such a knock out, super detailed down to the super cute and witty bottle cap messages underneath. i loved the robins egg blue label and the typography is so sweet. so great. super bonus, the beer was super tasty as well.

heading to point roberts to pick up some books across the border next week and i can't wait to see what that little ghetto marketplace has in store.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

20x200: today's specials

1. contact sheets: parsley stenwiess
2. west nineteenth street (yellow dress): joseph holmes
3. to live with you alone, red boiling springs tennessee: taj forer
4. elvind: michelle arcilla

beautiful and affordable prints from the jen bekman gallery's project 20x200.
love these so much.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


been a fan of jeff (ng) staple's vision and ideas for a while, although a lot of their clothing hasn't really moved me, this, i really like... combine a hand drawn typeface with a really sweet message equals love for me... i think im going to have to buy this online, anyone know if any vancouver retailers carry staple design?

Monday, November 2, 2009

i heart ed kwong

"its kind of like an out of body experience" is how i describe what it feels like to see ed's work. different parts of my imagination that are usually blanketed over, are awakened and brought to life. ed is amazing and on top of that a super gentle and down to earth guy. sublimely talented. he is in vietnam right now, so im hoping he's gonna have some more beauties like these in his sketchbook. check him out, you will be a better person for it.